It’s Not “Just Business”

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You’ll often hear people use the phrase, “it’s just business” when something goes south or is wrong in a business relationship. This implies that nothing is personal, rather just a casualty of business. In my  years now with Global Electronic Services, I have never felt stronger that there is no such thing as a casualty of business. If your customer becomes unsatisfied with your services, a change has to be made, or a process reevaluated, no matter how “small” the customer’s problem may seem. At Global Electronic Services, we have a 98% customer satisfaction rate and are striving for a 110%.

For many people, 98% customer satisfaction sounds great! And it is, but I look at that number and all I can think is, “Who are the 2% and what happened?!” While it is a rare thing for any of our customers to have any sort of major issue, inevitably, just like industrial machine failures, sometimes things happen. The key to reducing these instances is to build a strong, personal relationship with your customers. This way, you are able to put yourself in their shoes, and make any problem they are having your own.

On the flip side, having customers know you on a level other than “just business” makes you the first person they think of when a machine goes down or when they have any issues at all. I’ll have customers call my cell phone after work hours and apologize for “bothering” me, but in reality, I love those phone calls! It means that we are the first thing on their mind when there is a production problem because they know I’ll solve it. It’s also nice getting “Happy Birthday” texts from our customers!

I’ve always been amazed with how high our level of customer service is here at Global Electronic Services and I make it a priority to train our new employees to give the kind of customer service they wish to receive. Before helping a customer, you have to ask yourself how you would want to be treated if you were on the other end of whatever issue they may be having. Empathy is the key to excellence in customer service and the key to raising your customer satisfaction level to new heights!

At Global Electronic Services, we continue to raise our standards for customer service daily, but if you are one of the 2%, call me, your account manager, or anyone here to have any issues you’ve had with us addressed and resolved.  We will make it better, I want nothing more than to make us your number one choice for industrial repairs.

Please share your comments or questions with us below and be sure to visit or call us at 1-877-249-1701 to learn more about our repair services.  We’re proud to offer Complete Repair and Maintenance on all types of Industrial Electronics, Servo Motors, AC and DC Motors, Hydraulics and Pneumatics.  Please subscribe to our YouTube page, Like Us on Facebook!  Thank you!

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