Learn the Secrets of High-Performance Manufacturers

What sets the best in the industry above the rest? In an increasingly competitive space, manufacturers are constantly challenged to achieve their professional goals. It’s more and more difficult to be the best of the best as globalization seems to make the world smaller every day while adding more competitors to the playing field. Add…
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People And Robots

What Is Industry 5.0 — and How Will It Affect Manufacturers?

Manufacturing has been changing since the Industrial Revolution first brought steam- and water-powered machines into being. The second Industrial Revolution meant large-scale production, electric-powered machines, and the efficiency of the assembly line. Then came the third, ushering in computers necessary to control automated machines, followed by the fourth with connected smart machines. But change is…
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Power Surges

It’s inevitable that at some point your facility will experience a power surge. A power surge, is just as it sounds; a sudden change in the electrical conditions of the circuit. These changes result in a burst of energy. These surges may only last milliseconds but they can range from an over voltage of hundreds…
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Power Outages – What You Can Learn From A Total Shutdown

Times have been tough over the last few weeks for victims of Harvey and Irma. Much of the southeast has no power, plumbing and other basic utilities. Unfortunately, if you are in one of these zones, while you may be down, the world still turns and if you do not respond properly you could lose…
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The Costs & Benefits of American-Made

New proposed tariffs on imported goods and a renewed focus on American-made products has sparked conversation as to the ramifications of an economy that produces American, buys American and sells American. Globalized manufacturing and trade will always be a part of the American economy, but an “America First” approach for the majority of industries would…
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3 Tips to Enhance Manufacturing Employee Safety

In any manufacturing plant, safety is of utmost importance. Not only does it make for a better work environment but safety is also vital to employee happiness and can enhance productivity. What do manufacturing leaders establishing or revamping safety procedures need to focus on? These three tips can help: Require initial and ongoing training. When…
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Top Ten American-Made Products You Can Use Every Day

In this world of international commerce, and with the balance of imports vs. exports seeming to favor foreign nations more every day, it sometimes feels there just aren’t any American products around anymore. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are hundreds of American-made products in stores, many of which you can support your…
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Female Worker On Beer Factory. Portrait Woman In Robe, Standing

Women in Manufacturing: Make Room for More Rosies!

In popular culture, one story dominates that of women in working in manufacturing: Rosie the Riveter. She was created by the United States government as a marketing campaign character for recruiting women to the workforce — especially the manufacturing industry — to fill the shortage of male workers, a result of WWII. Aside from this…
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How Personalized Can Manufacturing Get?

In the age of smartphones, consumers want it their way, they want it all — and they want it now. As more industries move to on-demand delivery, manufacturing needs to keep up. But how can those in the industry move to this level of need-it-now personalization, and what are the benefits — and drawbacks —…
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The Ultimate UL Guide

Ensuring each application meets requirements is one of the most important things for industrial businesses. Not only do the applications need to work appropriately and safely, but the individual pieces incorporated into the application need to meet several requirements to ensure the safety of employees, customers and the public. One of the primary things most…
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