3 Often Overlooked Rules To Troubleshooting

  The Simplest Answer Is Often The Correct One This goes back to the old question every IT, maintenance or electrical professional with good experience under their belt will ask first – is it on? While it may seem like a stupid question, it gets asked because the probability it will solve the problem is…
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Being Thankful for Manufacturing Innovations

Around November, millions of people (and companies) take the time to consider for what and whom they’re thankful. As we wrap up the eleventh month of the year and look towards the calendar year change to 2018, there’s much to be thankful for in the manufacturing industry. Plenty of innovations are reinventing the manufacturing landscape,…
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Stressed Engineer Closed Face By Two Hands

Manufacturers: Keep Stress Levels Low this Holiday Season

With the holiday season now upon us, personal lives seem to become busier than ever. There are gifts to buy, spaces to rent for holiday parties, decorating to be done, food to be cooked, travel plans to be made, and so much more. In the workplace, stress and productivity are tied closely together. When there’s…
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Black Friday: How Do Manufacturers Produce So Much?

After extra Thanksgiving meal portions, many Americans plan to “shop off” their holiday eating the day after: Black Friday. While it’s become a new tradition to shop for holiday gifts at deep discounts — and many manufacturers are offering their employees the day off — manufacturers themselves are behind the mass production of goods that…
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Thanksgiving: Made in the USA

Did you know Thanksgiving has been an official federal holiday since President Abraham Lincoln’s declaration in 1863? While much has changed since its official inception, many of us will be shopping this weekend to stock our pantries and refrigerators for the Thanksgiving holiday. As the day itself is rooted in American tradition, how can holiday…
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Inside Aerospace Manufacturing Plant

Job Opportunities Soar: A Future in Aerospace Manufacturing

Aerospace manufacturing jobs are on the rise in the U.S. This is primarily due to smart business strategies by key industry decision-makers. High demand for aerospace products and technology has resulted in major contracts and expansions for top aerospace producers in the United States. Now, aerospace manufacturers need workers of all skill levels to meet…
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Will My Electronic Gifts Explode This Christmas?

Over the last few years there has been a lot of negative press surrounding certain consumer electronics products suddenly and without warning exploding. From the Samsung Phone to the Hover Board and electronic cigarettes – it’s almost as if our electronics are turning against us. This definitely has cause some to be a little wary…
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3 Ways to Test the Effectiveness of Your Customer Service Team

Any good company’s success relies in part on a good customer service team. This is more important than ever in today’s marketplace, where consumers have so many choices and they want to feel listened to above all else. But how do you know if your customer service team is getting the job done? Here are…
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Owning the Whole Client Experience through Servitization

Gone are the days of clearly segmented links in manufacturing’s logistical chain. The growing push for digital integration in the manufacturing industry has given businesses a wealth of information right at their fingertips, including customer demand and industry shifts. This presents manufacturers an opportunity to provide after-sale services on top of the physical product and…
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3 Tips for Creating a Smooth Employee Training Program

When it comes to manufacturing, your employees have to know their stuff. There is no room for mistakes on the factory floor. Poorly trained manufacturing employees can not only produce defective products, but they can also be a danger to themselves and others. When you design an employee training program, you want to be confident…
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