Happy Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day Is Friday, Oct. 6, 2017

With the official Manufacturing Day just around the corner — the first Friday in October to be exact — what are you doing to prepare? Of course, you don’t have to celebrate Manufacturing Day on the exact date. In fact, the Manufacturing Day website suggests you plan your festivities for whichever day in October works…
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Augmented reality in retail business concept application in supermarket for discounted or on sale products.

3 Ways Augmented and Virtual Reality Are Impacting Manufacturing

There is no doubt the manufacturing industry is advancing: Humans are working alongside cobots, big data is allowing decision-makers to make more educated and predictive decisions, and machine learning is making its mark on plant productivity. While some manufacturers are wary of incorporating an ever-growing amount of technology into their plants, many are catching on…
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Safety Spotlight: Pneumatic Hand Tools

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) places a major importance on safety in the workplace, and pneumatic hand tools are no exception. In fact, in the OSHA “Hand and Power Tools” guide, the administration reminds those who work with such tools under OSHA regulations that it’s sometimes difficult to see the potential risks these…
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Creators Wanted: Pfizer’s Big Push

Pfizer is one of the nation’s leading biopharmaceutical companies. They started a campaign this month to increase interest and enhance perceptions of modern manufacturing careers. This campaign has been labeled “Creators Wanted” and encompasses advertisements, digital targeting, and storytelling from those currently in the field. The purpose of the campaign is to bring interest back…
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Sci-Fi in the Real World

Growing up I was always a huge fan of movies, especially anything Sci-fi. It is one of the reasons I love the career I am in – I get to work in a field that is ever evolving with the newest technologies from ranging from robotics to automation. Doing research on these articles I write…
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Tesla Announces Electric Semi-Truck

There has been a lot of hype and excitement around the growing fleet of passenger vehicles manufactured by Tesla, Elon Musk’s automobile company focused on all-electric vehicles. Now, Musk is planning to expand beyond the passenger demographic and into commercial/industrial markets with the development of the Tesla Semi. Tentatively scheduled to be unveiled on October…
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3 Manufacturing Myths and Misconceptions

Those who work outside the manufacturing industry may not understand what life is like inside actual plants. And, while they might understand that manufacturing has changed since the Industrial Revolution, many likely carry misconceptions about the industry’s professionals: what they do, how they work, and what their workplaces look like. The truth is out there…
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Why Is My Hydraulic Pump Failing?

In many factories, the hydraulic pump is the heart of the operation — and hydraulic pump failure can cause huge problems. But why do hydraulic pumps break? In order to avoid hydraulic pump failure, it’s helpful to know what causes hydraulic pumps to fail. How to Know If Your Hydraulic Pump Is Failing Before getting…
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Learn the Secrets of High-Performance Manufacturers

What sets the best in the industry above the rest? In an increasingly competitive space, manufacturers are constantly challenged to achieve their professional goals. It’s more and more difficult to be the best of the best as globalization seems to make the world smaller every day while adding more competitors to the playing field. Add…
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People And Robots

What Is Industry 5.0 — and How Will It Affect Manufacturers?

Manufacturing has been changing since the Industrial Revolution first brought steam- and water-powered machines into being. The second Industrial Revolution meant large-scale production, electric-powered machines, and the efficiency of the assembly line. Then came the third, ushering in computers necessary to control automated machines, followed by the fourth with connected smart machines. But change is…
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