3 Reasons Cloud-Based Maintenance Should Be Your First IIoT Investment

The push for Industry 4.0 isn’t slowing down. Manufacturers that can’t or won’t adapt are being displaced by those that will. This has driven many companies to dip their toe into the industrial internet of things (IIoT). The best place to start? A cloud-based maintenance system is proving to be a good entry point. It…
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Identifying the 6 Big Losses and Tailoring Good Maintenance Solutions

Measuring the effectiveness of a maintenance program is about quantifying important variables such as machine efficiency and reliability. Deducing these variables means diving even deeper and measuring the systematic performance of a machine. For this, manufacturers must investigate the “six big losses.” A quick look at TPM The six big losses are unique issues within…
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Hydraulic vs. Pneumatic

Hydraulic or pneumatic? When it comes to your mechanical systems, you often have the choice of whether to opt for hydraulic systems, which are liquid-based, or pneumatic systems, which are gas-based. Which is right for you and your business? Does it really make a difference what kind of system you use? Whether you’ll prefer a…
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Cleaning Tips for Servo Motors

If your servo motors aren’t working properly, you may not need to have them repaired or replaced. The problem could be a cleaning issue. For example, material worn off the potentiometer may mix with grease, causing it to become conductive and disrupt the signal that tells the servo motor how to change position. A simple…
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Six Probable 2019 Manufacturing Trends

2018 saw plenty of new trends in manufacturing, from additive manufacturing and automation to creative training techniques to bridge the skills gap. What sort of trends might we see in manufacturing in 2019? Below are a few possibilities.     More Artificial Intelligence   This likely won’t come through an increase in the number of…
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Who’s Pioneering the Industrial Internet of Things?

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) has exploded in potential over the past five years. Today, new innovations are giving rise to smarter factory technology that’s enabling everything from predictive maintenance to data-driven operational shifts. But the tech landscape is still murky, with both established giants and new startups vying for manufacturers’ attention. Getting to…
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Survey Says: Maintenance Techs Want Video Training, Short Modules

Gone are the days of hefty instruction manuals and multi-day training seminars. Now training happens via the cloud, with multimedia modules, informative video, and interactive components. But even this is set to change according to a new poll conducted on employee learning preferences. Today’s training needs to be visually engaging and much shorter, according to…
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8 Pillars of an Effective Total Productive Maintenance Approach

Maintenance is the ongoing struggle to keep machines running reliably and efficiently, while offsetting unintended setbacks and downtime. Much of maintenance is preventive and proactive, which means putting in work ahead of time. Smart manufacturers realize this direct example of cause and effect, which forms the support system for a total productive maintenance (TPM) approach….
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Boeing Delivers First Plane from China Finishing Plant

After more than a year of construction, Chicago-based Boeing is set to unveil their finishing plant in Zhoushan, China. To commemorate the occasion, the company finished production on a 737 MAX jet – the prominent model planned to come out of the plant – and delivered it to Air China.   The plant intends to…
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Engineering Team Meeting On Factory Floor Of Busy Workshop

3 Ways to Keep Your Staff Educated for Ideal Equipment Maintenance

There are many ways to ensure your equipment is well-maintained. Having qualified personnel, sticking to a rigid maintenance plan, and even adopting operator accountability are all good starts. But more important than any of these initiatives is keeping your staff well-educated. Here are three important steps you can take right now to initiate better execution…
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