Is Your Customer Service Deparment Impacting Your Business Growth?

Over the years, the importance of good customer service has become more and more appreciated. In an earlier time, when people had limited options for where to go to procure their goods and services and had limited ability to tell others about their experience, customer service impact was limited. Today’s world, however, is very different….
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3 Ways to Test the Effectiveness of Your Customer Service Team

Any good company’s success relies in part on a good customer service team. This is more important than ever in today’s marketplace, where consumers have so many choices and they want to feel listened to above all else. But how do you know if your customer service team is getting the job done? Here are…
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Funny Happenings to the Strange and Unusual

With the vast array of old and obsolete equipment that we service, our technicians, engineers and staff have just about seen it all. Through our service center we have repaired units that range from being built last month, all the way to being made in the 50’s (before even the invention of the modern transistor)….
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In The Nick Of Time

Sometimes the little extra things we do may not seem like that much, but to the right person at the right time it means everything. When I first joined the team here at Global Electronic Services many years ago, I had no knowledge of electronics other than my computer and my kitchen appliances.  I did…
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Digital Footprint

Finding a Footprint – Sourcing Obsolete & Unidentifiable Components

It’s the eleventh hour and pressure is on! We have a plant down that has a crucial drive in need of repair and this unit hasn’t been available in 20 years!  To top it off one of the components we need to replace is unidentifiable.  In fact, the part number and any identifying marks had long…
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“Don’t believe it until you see it!”

My grandpa always used to tell me, “Don’t believe it until you see it!” This saying is true for many things but especially true when it comes to some repair places that say they repair “EVERYTHING” in house. Anytime an opportunity presents itself, I always encourage customers to tour our facility. I want them to…
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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner! Global Rewards!

How many times have we all been offered a promotion, gotten really excited about the prizes and then we see the fine print? Odds are 1 in 2,000; 1 in 146,000; 1 in 10 Million! What a letdown! True, it only takes one to win, but wouldn’t you prefer something a bit more, well, rewarding?…
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It’s Not “Just Business”

You’ll often hear people use the phrase, “it’s just business” when something goes south or is wrong in a business relationship. This implies that nothing is personal, rather just a casualty of business. In my  years now with Global Electronic Services, I have never felt stronger that there is no such thing as a casualty of business. If your…
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Turning Trash Into Treasure

I have been in the industrial repair business now for quite a few years. I know now that anytime I visit a manufacturing plant there is always at least one unit or piece of equipment there in need of repair.  I also know that it is very common for a plant manager or maintenance supervisor…
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Global Electronic Services parts room

What Happens When A Part Is Needed?

Often when working on repairs, our technicians require a replacement part in order to complete the repair or refurbishment of the unit. Having the correct capacitor, touch glass or IGBT on hand means we can turn the repair around right away instead of having to wait on the parts. We have developed many relationships in…
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