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Sometimes the little extra things we do may not seem like that much, but to the right person at the right time it means everything.

When I first joined the team here at Global Electronic Services many years ago, I had no knowledge of electronics other than my computer and my kitchen appliances.  I did however have more than 15 years of customer service under my belt.  Ahh customer service, this is my passion. It’s the heartbeat of every business.  It all begins and ends with customer service no matter what department you speak with.

Customer service can be very stressful at times as well as rewarding.  Most of Global Electronic Services customer service is through telephone communication. Did you know 80% of every call depends on your tone and only 20% is words you use! It sounds easy enough to start every phone call with a smile however, all of us have been the customer where you knew right away the person on the other end was reading a script with their elbow propped on their chin just waiting on it to end!  I enjoy everything that goes into helping a customer on the phone, the research, the conversations and the relationships you build. You never know what the situation is when you pick up the phone. In THAT moment the situation is in your hands! The entire department of customer service here works as a team, it really allows us to get personal with the situations that arise and truly solve problems.

I wanted to share one of my most memorable and rewarding phone calls, it was an opportunity to assist a customer in a special way.   I received a frantic call from a longtime customer, he was pretty sure we couldn’t help him, but was desperate. His father, a wood craftsman, was in the final stages of cancer and had been desperately working to make each of his children a Grandfather Clock before he passed away. His miter saw just stopped canstockphoto13371725clockworking! It was an old miter, one he could no longer purchase and he needed it to finish the last one. My customer, Tony, knew that we repair industrial equipment not old power tools but he wanted to see if it was at all possible for us to repair it. He had tried the OEM of the tool and some tool repair specialist but they no longer supported repair of this old miter saw. I told Tony to send it to me overnight and I would see what I could do!  I intercepted the package the following morning and brought it straight to a technician. I explained the situation and told him we would try to locate the problem. Low and behold it was a simple fix in the power cord and we shipped it back out that same day, next day air.   I felt so excited to tell Tony it was fixed; this really put a smile on my face.  That smile and excitement became much more when Tony called me days later to tell me his father finished clock and was overjoyed. He was so grateful and explained that his father was so happy to get his last accomplishment fulfilled; this was just a couple of weeks before Tony’s father passed away.

Situations like this are why I love providing great customer service. Sometimes just taking a moment to go above and beyond can really make a difference. That’s why I love my job here, because I have the ability to do whatever it takes to make customers happy!

Please share your comments or questions with us below and be sure to visit or call us at 1-877-249-1701 to learn more about our repair services.  We’re proud to offer Complete Repair and Maintenance on all types of Industrial Electronics, Servo Motors, AC and DC Motors, Hydraulics and Pneumatics.  Please subscribe to our YouTube page, Like Us on Facebook!  Thank you!

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