A Refresher on Factory Fire Safety

A tortilla chip factory in Austin, TX, had two separate instances of fires at its factory last week, both a result of food waste that caused chips to spontaneously combust. While the fires didn’t harm anyone or do any damage to property (and it’s a shame such a tasty snack burned), it does bring to…
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How Modern Technology Is Streamlining the Manufacturing Industry

Members of society today expect to have every demand met with understanding and speed. For this reason, manufacturers are moving toward modern technology to improve their processes. Technologies such as data collection, predictive analytics, and diagnostics help reduce waste and improve product quality. Modern technology helps reduce waste Waste is a major concern for manufacturers….
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Relays: What Causes Them To Fail?

While troubleshooting, you have probably heard the term “relay” come up during your checks. Relays are one of the first things to be examined when a failure has occurred in an electrical cabinet. Why is this the case? It is simple – most relays have moving parts (except for solid state) to achieve electrical switching…
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Automotive Manufacturing: Then and Now

For decades, self-driving cars seemed like something out of a science fiction movie, until Tesla invented the first one. Aren’t you curious about the manufacturing process used to build it? Clearly, automotive manufacturing has come a long way over the years. We’ve made major discoveries since the invention of the wheel. From horse-drawn carriages to…
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The Future of Manufacturing with the Industrial Internet of Things

Despite automation and globalization, manufacturing is not dead. In fact, it is alive and growing. With the boom of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), we can expect great things in the future of manufacturing. From internet-connected cellphones to wearable devices that track our fitness while streaming music, the IoT has significantly changed the way…
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women in manufacturing jobs

How the Gender Gap in Renewable Energy Is Lessening

The gender gap in industry sectors has always been a problem — particularly the gender gap in manufacturing. Women have traditionally not gone into these types of jobs, and there have been few incentive programs to get them into them. However, in one area, that may be changing. That area is renewable energy, where one-third…
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customer service script

How a Language Lexicon Can Improve Your Customer Relationships

Refining customer service processes is an art, and one worth pursuing. The right customer service enhancements could be the difference between a loyal repeat customer for life and a one-time sale, to say nothing of your desire to avoid scathing reviews from unsatisfied customers. Good customer service is all about customer relationship building, and one…
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China To Ban Manufacture of Fossil Fuel Vehicles

China’s National Development and Reform Commission recently proposed new auto investment regulations to ban the manufacture of fossil fuel-burning vehicles in the country.   A push towards ceasing all combustion engine production isn’t a new idea in China. There are been rules and regulations in place since last year to encourage automakers to be proactive…
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Tariffs and Their Impacts on US Manufacturers

Fears of a trade war between the world’s two largest economies persisted this week as both the U.S. and China continued a tit-for-tat rhetoric that could have serious implications for years to come. Here’s a look back at how trade relationships between the countries have changed in 2018 and what a trade war could mean for…
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manufacturing day

How to Get Involved on Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day 2018 will be here before you know it — and if you’re in the manufacturing field, Manufacturing Day is a great opportunity to inspire a new generation of manufacturers that is sorely needed in today’s society. There are woefully few efforts to get the younger generation excited about manufacturing today, so when an…
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