Manufacturing Industry Gifts for 2018

2017 has brought plenty of change and innovation to the manufacturing industry, from stronger automation and interconnectivity to deeper customization and a customer-centric focus. What sort of gifts will the industry give us in 2018? Here are a few predictions from analysts and insiders that we agree with regarding what the new year has in…
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Record Low Unemployment Presents Manufacturing Opportunities

Many Americans are rejoicing over the uptick in the U.S. economy and job market. With over 200,000 new jobs created in November and the unemployment rate holding steady at 4.1%, this optimism is well-founded. The highest numbers of job gains came in the professional and business services, manufacturing, and health care industries. Manufacturing jobs In a seeming…
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Women in Manufacturing

Women encompass almost half of the U.S. labor force, yet only 29 percent work in manufacturing. In comparison, more than 74 percent make up the education and health services sector. So, why is the percentage of women in manufacturing so low? How can we improve those numbers to benefit from the advantages women bring to…
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The Plastic Gear

An Innovative Approach to Manufacturing: Plastic Gears

Changes in polymers and innovations in gear shape and design have allowed plastic gears to catch up to their metallic counterparts in many arenas, according to Gear Solutions magazine. Specifically, engineers have developed acetal and nylon to the point where stresses and torque on these injection-molded parts do not exceed the plastics’ abilities. Manufacturers are also increasingly…
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Lady altering controls on machinery

November Manufacturing Numbers Show Industry Optimism for 2018

November manufacturing numbers showed expansion and positive output overall despite a slower growth rate compared to October. Manufacturers remain optimistic because most reported statistics either showed improvement or stayed within growth parameters for the month of November. Industrial production increased 0.9% since October nationwide for a total rise of 2.9% this year. Manufacturing output rose 1.3% as well….
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Type 2 vs. Type 4: Your Guide to Safety Light Curtain Types  

  Safety Light Curtain Basics: What Is a Safety Light Curtain? Safety light curtains are safety devices designed to guard potentially dangerous machinery and protect the individuals who will be working with these machines. One of the advantages of these light curtains is that instead of being a bulky mechanical guard, they’re relatively small and…
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How Cold Weather Affects Electronics

  We have spent a lot of time talking about how heat can lead to failure in your electronics but rarely is cold ever mentioned. Keeping your electronics cool is normally a good thing, and a lot of effort is spent doing just that – through fans, heatsinks and air conditioning. But if the weather…
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Practicing Fire Safety in Your Factory

Fires in the national news are a reminder of how important it is to practice fire safety in the workplace and have a plan if fires happen. As your company preps for a reduced workforce over the holidays, take this time to review your fire safety plan and make sure you’re abiding by all regulations….
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Robotic Arms With Empty Conveyor Belt

What’s Next for the Manufacturing Workforce?

Over the past 20 years, the U.S. has lost approximately 25% of its manufacturing plants as well as a third of its manufacturing jobs. Even so, the U.S. still ranks as the second-highest global producer of manufactured goods. The sector has the potential to grow exponentially, but manufacturers must adapt and embrace the new, digitally…
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3 Team-Building Activities to Avoid

Companies are constantly singing the praises of team building. Team building helps your employees bond. It makes them better at working cooperatively and more understanding of each other in the work environment. Team-building activities can be fun, educational and morale-boosting. All of these things are true. But not all team-building activities are created equal. If…
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