From The Bench – What Is The Failure?

When I put a unit on the bench for repair the first thing I want to know is why it’s here? After all, my job at Global Electronic Services is to get your system up and running when you get your unit back. What didn’t work on your end that caused you to remove this…
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Industry 4.0 industrial internet of things

Planning for Growth in 2017

Growth, growth and more growth! That’s what many of you will target in 2017. But growth that is sustainable demands a plan and a set of clearly-defined goals, so you can measure performance. Experts suggest business owners and decision makers should actually spend about half their work time planning future strategy. With that in mind,…
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Don’t Skip It, Before You Ship It – 5 Steps To Take Before Sending A Repair

You have a machine down and are now in a mayday situation. Production has stopped, orders will pile up and the clock has just begun ticking. After some intense troubleshooting, you have identified the failed unit and are now ready to rush that thing into the service center just as fast as it will go….
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Siemens Simodrive

Aging Gracefully: The Siemens Simodrive 611 and Why This Is One of Our Most Commonly Utilized Test Stands

  The Simodrive 611, introduced by the Siemens company as a flexible solution for machine tools, robotics and other servo applications, is now being phased out. As customers are being directed to the Sinamics S120 and other replacement options, more and more of the Simodrive Converter systems are being repaired by our service center than…
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Siemens SITOP Power Supply Component Level Repairs

Ever been curious as to how our repair process works for particular models? This article details the step-by-step process of repairing the components of a Siemens SITOP power supply, equipment that our certified technicians repair on a daily basis. Be sure to check out our YouTube video to see the process in action. This power…
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The Squeaky Wheel Gets Too Much Grease, When Good Intentions Lead To Repair

So the question that I posed to the technicians was this: are there any specific industrial electronics, motors, servo motors, hydraulics or pneumatics  you see that are a direct result of the maintenance crew trying to do good, but end up intensifying or creating the problem? Needless to say there was quite a bit of spirited debate around…
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Industrial Electronic Repair Techroom

Why Repair Industrial Electronics Instead of Replacing with New Ones?

-Repairing Industrial Electronics can save you at least 60% of the cost of a new unit- In the world of Industrial Electronics most people think of one thing when their line goes down in the middle of production…get the bad unit out and order a new one as fast as possible. It is our natural…
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Donald Trump Makes Andrew Liveris Head of the American Manufacturing Council

At a stop in Grand Rapids, Michigan on December 9, 2016 President-elect Donald Trump made the announcement that Andrew Liveris would head the American Manufacturing Council. This committee of 25 will advise the Commerce Secretary and be responsible for finding ways to bring industry back and increase manufacturing jobs in the U.S. Liveris is the…
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