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Is Your Maintenance Stockroom Set Up for Success?

Your factory’s maintenance stockroom is much more than a storage space or a staging area. It’s where the foundation of good work begins. A sloppy, messy, unorganized storeroom breeds the same quality work. Likewise for one that’s organized, coordinated, labeled, and properly stocked. If you’re looking for a higher caliber of maintenance and efficiency, consider…
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Using a Fishbone Diagram to Get to the Root of Maintenance Issues

A fishbone diagram — often called an Ishikawa diagram or a 5M framework — is a mode of root-cause analysis. It’s particularly effective for troubleshooting consistent issues, making it a critical resource for maintenance managers. Incorporating a fishbone diagram as part of a thorough, evaluative approach to reactive maintenance can yield exceptional insight. But to…
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Manufacturing Talent Will Be Harder to Find in 2019

There’s already a dearth of qualified manufacturing professionals in the workforce today. In 2019, the gap between available jobs and applicants to fill them will grow even larger. With 3.5 million manufacturing jobs expected by 2025, the United States manufacturing economy is set to fill just 1.5 million of them. A growing concern In a…
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How Are You Addressing Operational Risks in Your Manufacturing Facilities?

Worker safety has always been a clearly defined focal point of factory operations. But as industry evolves, is the concept of risk mitigation and worker safety evolving with it? As we enter a new phase of industry, there are new concerns about how factories are identifying and mitigating risk. Manufacturers need to take a close…
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STEM Traits Are Trending and Manufacturers Are Paying Attention

It’s no secret the United States is suffering from a shortage of skilled laborers. What’s not always evident is that the definition of “skilled laborer” has changed in the past decade. Today, manufacturers are looking for more than someone who’s good with a wrench — they’re looking for a rich STEM background and a skillset…
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Industry 4.0

Staying Grounded in Industry 4.0: Setting Expectations for New Tech

There’s no end to the headlines about Industry 4.0 and the industrial internet of things (IIoT). But not every headline paints an accurate picture, and many trend toward hyperbole. Industry 4.0 is certainly a new-age revolution, but having realistic expectations about the changes it’s bringing will help you better understand how the IIoT will benefit…
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Cybersecurity Concerns About the Industrial Internet of Things

While many industrial companies are rushing to become a player in Industry 4.0, speed of adoption is supplanting due process. Specifically, many companies aren’t comprehending the cybersecurity demands of the new industrial internet of things (IIoT). It’s a problem that’s only growing as IIoT adoption scales up, and it’s one that needs solutions soon. The…
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6 Tips for Better Managing Your Maintenance Parts Inventory in 2019

The focus on factory maintenance usually comes from a service standpoint. In the modern factory, it’s all about creating preventive and proactive maintenance programs, using robust data and relying on modern skills. It’s easy to forget there’s heavy product involvement — from a spare parts inventory, specifically. While it’s critical to focus on better maintenance…
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The Many Benefits of Performing a Failure Modes and Effects Analysis

Understanding why something went wrong is the first step in fixing it and preventing it from happening again. On the factory floor, this process is called Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA). It’s a core tool among lean Six Sigma evangelists and a useful approach for defining problems. A well-executed FMEA yields insight into the…
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Taking a Gemba Walk Through Your Facilities

Kaizen. Jidoka. Nagara. A lot of unique terminology is associated with lean manufacturing — all of it important. One term (and action) that’s fundamentally important is Gemba. Performing a Gemba walk through your facilities allows you to see how work gets done. And doing so helps you understand where you could improve operations. What’s a…
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