3 Manufacturing Sectors Poised to Capitalize on Blockchain

Blockchain is a hot-topic buzzword in virtually every tech industry, and manufacturing is no exception. But when it comes to implementing blockchain in a meaningful way, many manufacturers are still a long way off. There are a few sectors ready to embrace the technology. If successful, they could pave the way for blockchain’s practical application…
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5 Consumer Trends Rippling Back to Manufacturers

Manufacturers are the initial step in the journey of a product; consumers are the final destination. But just because there are numerous channels between them, this doesn’t mean one can’t affect the other. Just like a poorly manufactured product can create problems for consumers, consumer trends can dictate how manufacturers produce a product. Here are…
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Additive Manufacturing Stands to be a Major Driver of Industrial Digitization

Additive manufacturing has come a long way since tabletop 3D printers. Enabled by smarter, more advanced technologies, additive manufacturing is making a name for itself across the industry, in new and advanced applications. Beyond rapid prototyping, factories are quickly finding ways to put this technology to use. Now, additive manufacturing is becoming part of something…
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January 2019 Manufacturing ISM® Report On Business® Signals a Strong Start to 2019

The first Manufacturing ISM® Report On Business® is out for 2019, and the numbers look better than they did in the fourth quarter of 2018. Overall PMI® is up 2.3%, to 56.6% in January, showing economic growth for the 117th consecutive month. While the economy is still in growth mode, the start of a new…
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4 Essential Tools for Monitoring Motor Stress

A maintenance tech is only as good as his or her tools. When it comes to inspecting motors within the factory setting, instrumentation is critical. Thoroughly inspecting the function and integrity of a motor requires insight far and above keen senses — it demands quantitative data that allows techs to qualify a problem. Instrumentation and…
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A Good Maintenance Manager Elevates the Maintenance Approach

Promoting someone to a management position is about recognizing their ability to succeed in that role. It means leaving behind old job duties and picking up bigger responsibilities. For maintenance techs transitioning into a management position, the contrast can be stark. Maintenance managers aren’t lubricating bearings or replacing valve stem packing — they’re overseeing maintenance…
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New Bearing Sensor Technology Heralds the Future of Condition Monitoring

It seems as though there’s a new gadget or piece of industrial tech released every day. As the industrial internet of things (IIoT) expands, it’s these technologies that drive it. And now, they’re becoming even more specialized. Recently, global technology leader ABB released new smart sensor tech, designed for condition monitoring of manufacturing bearings. It’s…
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parts storeroom

Is Your Maintenance Stockroom Set Up for Success?

Your factory’s maintenance stockroom is much more than a storage space or a staging area. It’s where the foundation of good work begins. A sloppy, messy, unorganized storeroom breeds the same quality work. Likewise for one that’s organized, coordinated, labeled, and properly stocked. If you’re looking for a higher caliber of maintenance and efficiency, consider…
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Using a Fishbone Diagram to Get to the Root of Maintenance Issues

A fishbone diagram — often called an Ishikawa diagram or a 5M framework — is a mode of root-cause analysis. It’s particularly effective for troubleshooting consistent issues, making it a critical resource for maintenance managers. Incorporating a fishbone diagram as part of a thorough, evaluative approach to reactive maintenance can yield exceptional insight. But to…
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Manufacturing Talent Will Be Harder to Find in 2019

There’s already a dearth of qualified manufacturing professionals in the workforce today. In 2019, the gap between available jobs and applicants to fill them will grow even larger. With 3.5 million manufacturing jobs expected by 2025, the United States manufacturing economy is set to fill just 1.5 million of them. A growing concern In a…
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