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Where Are iPhones Manufactured?

The iPhone may be one of the most well-known modern products in the world. Since its inception, Apple has sold more than a billion units worth hundreds of billions of dollars. The iPhone has helped to revolutionize mobile phone trends and many individuals’ ways of life. However, users may not understand how manufacturers produce iPhones….
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Gifts on conveyor belt in Christmas presents factory

Manufacturers: What’s on Your Holiday Wish List?

It’s the festive time of year! Like most people, you’ve likely been too busy working on the plant floor and looking for items on others’ lists to make a wish list of your own. You’ve probably also said “I have everything I need” at work more than once already. You and your would-be gift givers…
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Why It’s Important to Track Your Employee Happiness Levels

It’s been well-known for a long time that employee happiness and satisfaction is very important. Whether it’s manufacturing or retail sales, happy employees work harder and better than those who are miserable. Industrial and organizational psychologists have known this for decades, but managers sometimes forget. This can be a big problem — especially in manufacturing….
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Factors That Determine What Materials To Keep On Hand

Factors that determine what materials to keep on hand Obviously, there are advantages and disadvantages to keeping anything on hand always, whether it be production materials, maintenance repair items or goods for sale. Keeping items on hand has the advantages of convenience and offers some downtime prevention but has added costs of storage, shelf-life and…
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Five Supply Chain Predictions for 2018

2017 has brought plenty of changes to the manufacturing landscape, including additive manufacturing, robotics, a focus on Big Data, autonomous vehicles and more. The industry has mostly seen these changes in small pockets, but a growing push for technology and interconnectivity is sure to see their use spread to more segments. The most likely to…
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Modern Futuristic Dark Electric Semi Truck With Trailer Charging

New Technologies in Shipping Inspire Manufacturers

As electric car makers at Tesla release their electric-powered semitruck, many wonder whether other manufacturers will apply similar technology to vehicles and machines used in the manufacturing industry. But, although they’ve overcome some of the downsides of electric semitrucks, some industry insiders doubt the viability of such large electric-powered vehicles. Will the future be electric?…
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What Are the 4 Types of Industrial Revolutions in US Manufacturing?

The history of U.S. manufacturing goes back more than 200 years. Since its start in the 1700s, a great deal has happened, from the introduction of the moving assembly line to the creation of autonomous vehicles. Ready to learn more about the four industrial revolutions and their impact on manufacturing?     The First Industrial…
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3 Tips Manufactures Can Use to Prevent Cyberattacks

In our ever-advancing technological world, cybersecurity has become of utmost importance for manufacturers. Hackers have become notorious for breaching single individuals’ data. However, trailing not so far behind is the manufacturing industry. Cyberattack dangers in manufacturing The second-ever manufacturing cyberattack that caused significant damage occurred in 2015 when hackers attacked a steel mill in Germany….
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New Opportunities in Manufacturing: Jobs Are Up!

Manufacturing jobs are on the rise in the U.S. after a low point in our country’s economic history. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma increased demand for materials and equipment due to heavy rebuilding efforts. Manufacturers are also seeing a rise in demand from foreign clients, which indicates the future of the American manufacturing industry may rely…
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Teens and Manufacturing: Bridging the Generation Gap

Many manufacturing company managers are asking the same question: Where will future manufacturing employees come from? The manufacturing workforce seems to be getting older and older, and more and more manufacturing employees seem to be retiring every day. The emphasis today is on digital technology and computer programming for young people, not manufacturing. So how…
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