3 Often Overlooked Rules To Troubleshooting

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The Simplest Answer Is Often The Correct One

This goes back to the old question every IT, maintenance or electrical professional with good experience under their belt will ask first – is it on? While it may seem like a stupid question, it gets asked because the probability it will solve the problem is high. When a person, especially a non-technical one, deals with an unexpected problem with a piece of equipment, their mind will often imagine the problem to be as complex and mysterious as the machine is to him. This will in turn make the simplest of causes be often overlooked. When troubleshooting customer applications when we ask, “have you checked your incoming voltage to the machine?” We are never shocked when the answer is no.

Don’t Make Changes – And Always Have A Way Back

One of the hardest problems to undo is when a customer has gone inside a controls cabinet and moved wires around. Not only does it create a new problem -i.e. the machine now  configured incorrectly – it further obscures the original problem. Never make changes to an existing application, unless you explicitly know what those changes will do and every step you have made is well documented. If you do not have wiring diagrams, parameter files and original firmware at your fingertips, making changes could jeopardize the chances that machine will get fixed quickly. Also always have a way back, if you must reset things, or make something different, always have a way to restore it to its original configuration.

Check The Facts

Input from personnel that experienced the problem first hand can be your best weapon in solving the case – and your worst enemy. Always double check the facts when troubleshooting the problem at hand. While input from users is good, if something does not make sense, you must reexamine the facts. A lot of folks will get nervous when describing the symptoms of the failure to you, especially when they feel they may be held responsible. They may omit or change certain facts. Question everything you are told and ask multiple people.

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