Manufacturers: What’s on Your Holiday Wish List?

Gifts on conveyor belt in Christmas presents factory
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It’s the festive time of year! Like most people, you’ve likely been too busy working on the plant floor and looking for items on others’ lists to make a wish list of your own. You’ve probably also said “I have everything I need” at work more than once already.

You and your would-be gift givers likely know this to be a lie, but it keeps you from sounding greedy. But what if you’re a manufacturing plant leader whose employees and co-workers want to show gratitude for your guidance throughout the year? You might be resigned to getting another pair of slippers or a gourmet gift basket. And that’s fine. Really.

But what if you were to break that tradition this year? What if you wanted to take one less stressor out of your co-workers’ busy lives this holiday season? What if, instead of brushing off the question of “What do you want?” you give them a gift — in the form of a wish list?

How is that a gift? Think of how proud and happy you feel when you nail the perfect gift for someone. Give that feeling to co-workers and employees who care about your happiness by guiding their purchases. They get that great feeling of satisfaction — and you’re more likely to get something you want.

Breaking tradition is not easy. Here are some tips to help make this the year you let your fellow manufacturing professionals stop their guessing games.

  • Understand your relationship with co-workers as well as the type and cost of gifts you will likely give them this year. Give them a list of a few options for similar items. By offering them limited choices, they’ll feel like they’ve put thought into it and can get you something you really want.
  • Be prepared. Throughout the year, keep a list of things you’ve seen that you’d like but wouldn’t buy for yourself. Then you’ll be prepared with a couple of appropriate choices when asked.
  • Do you have a certain work friend who loves to hunt for the perfect gifts? You could scatter a few clues — but don’t spoil their fun.
  • Looking for something specific? If your co-workers would rather be handed information on an item number and where to buy it, oblige them and receive exactly what you want. Everybody wins.


Having trouble getting started? Here are a few items to get you thinking, whether for your wish list or shopping list:

  • For the hardcore caffeine lover or early morning riser on his or her way to the manufacturing plant, an expresso machine is a great option. For something more intimate and less expensive, try a French press or a gift card to a local or national coffee shop.
  • If you lost a tool from your kit, you may consider putting the replacement part on your list. Individual items tend to be inexpensive, so these can be valuable items to add to the list you offer your fellow manufacturers.
  • Work in a facility with co-workers who dislike shopping? Request a larger item — maybe that personal 3-D printer you’ve had your eye on — they can chip in to purchase for you.
  • One gift that never goes unappreciated or out of style is a charitable gift in someone else’s name.

So, start making that list! You know there’s something you just have to have. And there’s likely also a fellow manufacturer who would love to give it to you — if she or he only knew. An added bonus: Your co-workers might gift you with their own lists, which can inspire your gift-giving whether you choose to give a departmental or companywide gift — or go the individual route.

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