4 Examples of Manufacturing Companies Giving Back

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Corporate responsibility is a buzzword that is reaching well-deserved prominence. It’s all about understanding that your company is part of a larger community and that you are dependent upon that community to buy your products, to supply you with workers and to do their part for the environment so that you can thrive. Because the community is so important, good manufacturing companies understand that doing their part to give back to the community is important, too.

Here are four manufacturing companies whose names you should know — companies that are great at giving back both to their community and their hard-working employees.


Cadence is an electronics company in San Jose, California, that has been nearly universally identified as a great place to work. In addition to many benefits and perks for their employees, including special recognition for those who make standout contributions to the company, Cadence features paid time off for volunteering as well as matching funds for employee donations.

Employees agree that management at Cadence is constantly focusing on how to make the company a better place to work and they understand that giving employees the ability to contribute to the greater community is a big part of that.

PCL Construction

PCL Construction is a construction company of about 5,000 employees located in Denver. They have given over four million dollars in charitable donations and offer employee matching funds for charity. They do offer paid time off for volunteering, but not only can you get paid time off, but there are actually volunteer hour goals for employees to encourage the practice.

Volunteering events that PCL Construction participates in each year can include beach cleanup, food bank drives and, of course, Habitat for Humanity.


Stryker in Kalamazoo, Michigan, makes hospital supplies, so they already have a strong bond with and perform a valuable service for the community with their products. While the company gives back every day by manufacturing products that can improve the quality of life for people with health issues, they also help in other ways, including volunteer and donation matching programs for staff as well as over 34 million dollars in philanthropic donations.

American Transmission Company

This small manufacturer in Waukesha, Wisconsin, has managed to put together over half a million dollars in charitable donations, but they do much more for the community than that. They offer paid time off for volunteering, support for employees who seek out and pursue volunteer opportunities, and they sponsor charity fundraisers and host environmental education events for the public.

If your manufacturing company isn’t as involved in the community as it could be, what are you waiting for? You may be amazed at how much you can benefit from a relatively small donation of your resources. Giving back to the community can improve employee morale, boost company PR and, more importantly, it’s just the right thing to do.

With a little research, you can almost certainly find many great volunteering and philanthropic opportunities for your manufacturing business.

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