How to Protect Your Company in the Event of a Data Breach

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When people think of data breaches and the need for data privacy protection in business, they often think of IT companies or retailers with huge stores of customer data. However, it may interest you to know that manufacturing is the number two industry when it comes to cyberhacker attacks. Cybersecurity is a huge issue if you are in manufacturing and you must know how to protect yourself — or the consequences could be catastrophic.

Why Data Breaches Are So Dangerous in Manufacturing

The reason cybersecurity and data privacy are becoming so important in manufacturing is that more and more successful manufacturers are moving over to smart manufacturing, or what some have taken to calling “Industry 4.0.” This is the type of manufacturing that takes advantage of all of the things digital technology has to offer in order to streamline their operations: things like improved automation, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and the Internet of Things.

One of the most beneficial features of new technology for manufacturing is the digital supply network. This is a network of interconnected devices across the supply chain that allows anyone along that chain to have immediate access to complete information about the flow of materials and goods. This means faster response times, faster delivery of product and reduced chances of major error.

However, with new technologies often come new dangers. In this case, the danger is heightened data theft risk. Allowing more points of access to your company’s important data means more opportunities for cyberhackers to get in and wreak havoc.

Protecting Your Manufacturing Company From Data Breaches

So what can be done? Fortunately, there are a number of companies that specialize in helping organizations protect their data so that only those who should have access to it can have access to it, both within the company and outside the company. These companies offer a combination of passwords, approved sign-on devices and other methods to create a system that is secure without impeding needed access.

Others in the field are looking to blockchain as the answer when it comes to cybersecurity. This technology creates a common historical record of events that can help track the movement of goods more accurately and create more visibility and protection.

Whatever security measures you take to protect your manufacturing company from data breaches, it’s important that your company also establishes an emergency response plan. Even some of the biggest companies have been victims of cyber attacks and hacking, and the ones that did not have a solid emergency plan in place suffered the worst consequences.

Know what you will do should a data breach happen. Know where your data backups are, how you will communicate to your customers and protect them after a breach and what you will do to restore normal operations. This will reduce panic both among staff and consumers and allow you to right the ship more quickly.

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